Pastor of Trinity CRC

Pastor Kelly Vander Woude
Pastor Kelly Vander Woude and his family comes from Kent, Washington. He brings with him a love of our Father and the Bible, a passion for music and people, and a heart and desire to share all of these. Pastor’s Blog When should you contact your pastor? It’s a good idea to contact me when/if…
  • You have questions about God
  • You have questions about your spiritual health
  • You have questions about the Bible or Bible passage
  • You would like to share your faith with someone but are not sure how
  • You have a follow-up question about a sermon
  • You have an idea about how our church might reach the community
  • You need someone to pray with you
  • You’re struggling with temptation
  • You sinned and need a safe place to confess it
  • You were enriched through the pastor’s work and want to encourage him
  • You have anger or frustration towards the pastor and need to reconcile
  • You have a personal struggle and need someone to listen & pray about it
  • You experience guilt or shame and need an encouraging perspective
  • You would like a referral to a good counselor or psychiatrist
  • You have a question about how our church operates
  • You have a question about the Christian Reformed denomination
  • You have a follow-up question about a worship service
  • You would like to become an official member of our church
  • You would like to request a profession of faith class
  • You want to request a baptism
  • You would like to become more involved at church or in the community
  • You would like to grow spiritually but are not sure how
  • You have a great story about how God has been working with you
I am available by email ( or phone (515.292.4676) if you need to reach me. You may drop by my office for an impromptu visit, but it’s a good idea to call first since I might be off on a visit or at a meeting. I will be glad to help you as soon as I can.