Sunday Worship – 9:30 AM


Ways to GIVE

Here at Trinity Christian Reformed Church we have many ways to give.
Sunday morning we have a collection during the service for cash or check donations.
We allow Bank checks for those who want to send money from your Account to us through the mail.
                           SEND TO: Office, 3626 Ontario Street, Ames Iowa 50014
We also have on line giving available, using bank draft (ACH), Debit card, or Credit card for your convenience. (rates listed below)

Click the link below to signup for online giving
Create account for online giving. (LINK )

Once you have signup on Flockbase, use the link below to set up you on line giving.

Terms and conditions of on line giving
1. Refunds for contributions made online will be handled at the discretion of Decans. Please reach out to the office administrator,  who can be reached at 515-296-4676 in the event that you need a refund. Privacy Policy found here:
2. Online contributions are made on domains owned by FlockBase Software, LLC, and information entered on sites under those domains are subject to FlockBase Software, LLC’s privacy policy. (
3. FlockBase negotiated a partnership with Forte Payment Systems to offer integrated online giving at low merchant rates. (Rates listed below).

Merchant Account Discount Rates and per Transaction Fees
Transaction Type Discount Rate Per Transaction Fee Example fee for $100 contribution
Automated Clearing House (ACH) also known as bank draft 0% $0.15 $0.15
ACH returns (for NSFs, closed accounts, and stop payments) 0% $0.50 $0.50
Debit Card
Debit card (regulated) 0.20% $0.22 $0.44
Debit card (non-regulated) 1.92% $0.00 $1.92
Credit Card
Non-rewards MC/V/Discover 2.17% $0.12 $2.29
Rewards MC/V/Discover 2.37% $0.12 $2.49
Business Cards 2.97% $0.12 $3.09
American Express 2.90% $0.15 $3.05

Privacy Policy