Jesus Calms a Storm on the Shore

Posted on 03 Feb 2020, Pastor: Tom Niehof

Scripture: Mark 5:1-20
Message: Jesus Calms a Storm on the Shore
Rev. Thomas Niehof

Our fear of the unknown. Many find themselves afraid of what they don’t understand. This scripture reading takes place in gentile territory. The disciples find themselves unsure and afraid of what they don’t know about this territory. As Jesus’ crew lands they encounter an individual who is filled with evil spirits. The spirits recognize Jesus and ask “What do you want with me Most High God?” By calling Jesus by name they hope to gain power over him. Jesus in return asks their name. The spirits say “Legion”.  Jesus cast out those spirits into 2000 pigs who destroyed themselves. The visual reminds those who witness and retell the story that evil spirits destroy. It also assures the man his freedom from those spirits and tests the priorities of the towns people who were likely community owners of the herd of pigs to ask themselves what is more valuable, fellow humans or financial gains. Because of this unusual event, people of the community had an inability to understand and they become afraid. The man who was freed of demon possession returned to his town and shared his story with others about the grace and mercy of God.